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Mobi Design focuses on building next generation mobile first experiences. We build native mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as deliver end-to-end customized database and internet software solutions with mobile API for solid foundation in which to grow. We love Apps and hope to share our knowledge while supporting you with your new mobile startup or corporate mobile objectives.

Welcome to next generation mobile app development.

We feel that most apps you find in the app store today are good, but truly lack the amazing opportunity to personalize users experience through effective mobile marketing and mobile engagement strategies. Sticky, personalized mobile engagement delivers the right content to the right people at the right time. Contact us to find out how we can build or transform your existing mobile initiative to next generation.  

Dedicated To Innovation

We are an expert mobile first consulting company that focuses on all areas mobile. We not only build native mobile apps for the iOS and Android but we also develop end-to-end backend solutions thats required to manage content within apps. We have also perfected our knowledge around many other aspects of mobile engagement that contributes to a successful mobile initiative.

Our expert consultants provide innovative, cutting edge approach to intuitive mobile app architecture, engagement, analytics, gamification and much more that meets budget and time requirements.

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Fueled by passion

We build apps, we love what we do. Our passion is focused around building amazing mobile experiences while focused on the core mobile strategy and user experience. Our passions shows through our dedication of delivering quality mobile products and engagement strategies.

Proven expertize

Our skilled experts can support you with any mobile initiative. Our native app developers have 5+ years experience in native iOS and Android platforms, while our full stack backend and API developers more than 15 years.


Every project we take on is well planned, executed and clearly defined deliverables to ensure your success. We also believe in using the right project management tools to support those delivery times and provide transparency for all stakeholders.

We keep it simple

The last thing we want to do is make things complicated. We take a pragmatic approach without sacrificing quality or scalability.

Timely Execution

We understand your project and definitely understand your deadlines. Our teams will work hard to ensure you deliver your app to app stores on time and bug free. Our preparation and strategy also supports timely approval.

Constantly improving

Mobile apps are a living, breathing project that takes constant monitoring and improving. We build in the right tools in the beginning to provide the quantitative data to suggest improvements or product innovation.

  • Architecting a user friendly and intuitive mobile app experience that focuses on one core killer feature is vital for its success.

    By researching award winning and featured apps, we have come to realize what makes mobile apps successful. Mobile app experience is unique and should not be compared to that of a website experience. By taking the time to architect and plan your user navigation, you increase the chances of success 100x.

  • Designing a sticky, intuitive user experience that communicates and engages the value proposition.

    We design app experiences not only with aesthetics in mind, but will simplicity and intuitive engagement.New apps competing in the market will have one chance to acquire and retain users, how well you onboard those users and communicate your value proposition is key to that success.

  • We deliver clean, scalable and bug free mobile and database products to enable our clients to grow.

    Our multifaceted team of designers, producers, developers and testers share one mission: to deliver world class Mobile apps (iOS, Android) and that fulfill personal or corporate ambitions. We only adhere to building products using best practices and provide transparent view of the development process from the beginning.

  • Developing native applications with a clear monetization strategy.

    There are many ways to monetize an app experience either through native advertising, subscription, m-commerce or other. We can design, develop and deliver successful apps with clear monetization strategies through custom or 3rd party API integration.

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  • Delivering the right in-app or push message, at the right time to the right users.

    Users expectation of mobile app experiences has risen, so have the assortment of available tools to help you engage your users. Our mission is not only help you build the best mobile engagement strategy but to find and integrate the right tools within your app experience to accomplish that mission.

  • User retention is a universal problem for appreneurs, by building in a solid deep linking strategy you instantly rise above the rest.

    There are many positive benefits to a proper deep linking strategy such as knowing where users are coming from, landing users on specific screens within your app from Google search, onboarding strategies and much more. Deep linking also greatly enhances and supports social sharing to increase viral organic mobile growth. 

  • One of the most crucial, yet overlooked tool to ensure app adoption and retention.

    A well planned mobile analytical strategy is key to understanding who your app users are and where are there problems with your app experience. We support you mobile initiative by providing detailed analytical integration to give you a global view of your user base and app performance.

  • Gamification is a new way to engage users to perform specific actions and reward them intrinsically.

    Engaging and rewarding users is always challenging via a mobile experience. By applying Gamification tactics to your overall user experience you increase your chances of not only increasing retention and adoption, but increase specific actions you want your users to perform. Gamification comes in many forms such as earned levels, badges, points and more.

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Our work is our passion, our clients are our partners. See some of the amazing projects we have been fortunate to support in their success. Even though this does not represent all of our work, its a small example of some of our expertise.

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Let us know what type of app you have or want to build. We can work with existing apps but also we love working with mobile first startups. Don’t worry we will not charge for the first evaluation of your app project, we love talking apps and with companies/entrepreneurs that love apps as well!